Pou for PC (Windows 7/8/10) Download on Windows

Here is the guide to download Pou for PC on Windows 7/8.1/10. Learn to play Pou on PC directly without any issue.

Pets are a great way to keep yourself busy when doing nothing and everybody wants to have pets, however you will soon find it a cumbersome task to physically manage things out for your Pets.

Well, in that case you must opt for having a virtual pet, such as on your phone or on PC. Yeah! It is possible using an app called ‘Pou’. Pou is a pet application which cannot be completely described as an app; after all it will let you play with it.

pou download

Pou confines an alien character as a pet, which at first sounds hell amazing as you are now an owner of a so called alien. Unlike aliens Pou will not be scaring you and freak you out.

The character is designed to be cute and fully customizable. The main aim in the game is to manage the where abouts of the pet Pou, along with feeding, cleaning and playing with him. The game will eventually become a part of your life as you will find yourself indulging in the game most of the day and at regular intervals.

Game Play of Pou for PC:

Pou is a fully customizable character as you can buy him clothes, hairs, goggles and even can change his colors. The game is never ending and will end when you pet die which is only possible when you feed him nothing for days or just get rid of the game.

There are coins which the game credits or coins which you can use to buy upgrades like clothes, equipments, accessories etc. You will earn credits for everything that you do with your pet. This further implies that the game will itself give you everything. Although if you are willing to pay some bucks then in app purchases are also available

pou for pc

There are various games that are available in the Pou, here in these games ‘Pou’ will be playing character. You just need to control the directions. Some of the games include hill racing, doodle jump, city racing and so on. There is lot more that you can do with your pet in this game as the game is never ending. So just start playing it off.

Pou for PC Download on Windows:

Pou is mobile platform game that is available on all leading mobile operating systems such as android, iOS and windows mobile too. However you cannot have an official version of it for your PC as it hasn’t been developed yet. Still, you can make it to run on your PC using some sort of applications, specifically emulators.

You can use android, ios or windows emulator for this. Android emulator ‘Bluestacks’ is considered to be the best for this though. Thus we will be using the same here too. To get Pou for pc using Bluestacks just follow the steps as follows:

pau for windows

  • Get Bluestacks for PC using the download link and now install it.
  • After installing, open the emulator and search for ‘Pou’ using the search bar.
  • When the game is found, install it.
  • You have now successfully installed the game on your PC.

Voila! Time to play with your pet!

I hope that you enjoyed this guide on how to download Pou on PC.

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