How To Access All Cloud Servers At Once

Cloud servers are becoming more and more popular in this technological era. With chunks of datas, people are moving out their personal and social data on the World Wide Web, and cloud storages are becoming useful than ever.

There are a variety of cloud servers that you might be aware of such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, Box,etc. I bet you might have already been started to use any one of these knowingly or unknowingly. Google now integrated its Google Drive space with the every other product of it you use, making you unknowingly use its cloud storage.

Also, these storages are far better secure, fast and less complex; they will not indulge you into the practical complex commands FTP servers and that of hosting plans.

It is by far the best way to have your personal data secure on the internet, although if you wish to have some private data uploaded onto their platform think twice before doing so.


What is Cloud Storage?

A cloud server is a virtual private server which lets you upload your data up to several GB’s or MB’s. In accordance an ideal cloud service is that in which users doesn’t know the actual size of their servers that is an unlimited space of the web, also which lets its users to have full access to it.

There are some cloud services already started such as Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box,etc. Cloud storages are often confused by physical servers. There is some depth of isolation between both of the services. Cloud storage when purchased is the actual server bought by the user; the actual servers are the physical servers. Of these physical servers users are being provided some shared space.

Simply, if you buy cloud storage you will be getting a part of the physical server. It benefits both the users and the providers as it is most efficient way to virtualize the web space.


As of now some providers are offering introductory free offers for some GB’s. If you have taken all of them you may now need to access them all at once and reduce the effort of opening each of them on separate tabs of your browser.

How to Access all Cloud Servers at Once?

Cloud servers’ works really fast, although their speed also depends upon the browsers capacity and cache levels. What if you can access all of the cloud platforms without having to use specific applications for each server.

This would be really time saving. This is possible using an application. There are many applications available in the market, one of which is Multcloud.

Multcloud is a freeware and supports all major cloud storages platforms such as Google Drive, Sky Drive, Box, DropBox, SugarSync and AmazonS3. Using is rather simple.


If you already have accounts on all of the servers you can start by simple adding the respective accounts. However, if not signed up yet, first register for the account.

Once got an account, simply active the respective accounts by signing in to the clouds using the application.

Once the sign in process is completed successfully you will be able to see all the files already saved in your account. Also the sidebar shows the other accounts too for a faster access to other accounts.

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