Download Temple Run for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Here is the guide to play Temple Run 2 for PC or Computer on Windows System.

Temple Run is an endless runner type game, which became the most popular game when initially launched on the respective mobile operating systems.

Temple Run was initially launched for iPhone by imangi studios, and gradually the game proved to be a huge success for the developers. The reason behind this enormous success was the new concept of mobile gaming that they had put across the users.

Soon Temple Run began to spread its fins on some other mobile operating systems such as Windows Phones and Android.

With its launch on the Android OS, the story was no different and it proved to be a greater success that it was already awarded in iPhone version of the game.

The game is spectacularly unique with third dimensional overview of the game, although it wasn’t real 3D as might have experienced in theatres but the 3D games concluding the depth as third dimension.

temple run

Plot of the game is quite interesting as you are a wanderer, while your journey through the jungle you come across a temple. This temple has an idol, when you try to have it a trap get activated and you are thrown to the trap.

Soon you find yourself running through a narrow path with three unknown creatures following your path. Those are the guards of the temple. You need to escape the temple to be alive, although you will never escape as the game has no end.

Temple Run is a runner type game, featuring an endless running mode. There are no other modes to play this game as this would be enough to make you addictive.

The main objective in the game is to make farthest run as possible and to make a high score. There will be various obstacles that you will be facing while making the run, and needless to say that you need to avoid hitting the obstacles to keep the character running across the path.

temple run download

The main controls of the game includes swiping the screen towards up to jump, down to scroll, left and right to turn in the respective direction. There are coins, which are the only collectable of the game. These coins can be collected during the game play. These collected coins can be used to buy upgrades, power ups and unlock the other characters.

How to Install Temple Run for PC?

Temple run is a mobile game available for Windows phone, iOS and Android. It is not available for windows or other operating system.

Although you can still play this game, i.e. Temple Run for PC using emulator applications. We can use Bluestacks for this, as Bluestacks is an Android emulator. To install Temple Run using Bluestacks you need to follow steps as below:

temple run for pc

  • Download Bluestacks for Windows. You can download it from here!
  • Install Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Temple Run’ using 1Mobile Market or using Google Play Store. This app store comes built in Bluestacks.
  • When found, download and install temple run on your PC.

How to Play Temple Run on PC

I guess you might have done the above steps successfully. When the installation is successful you will be prompted of installation being successful. Now, open the game using the Bluestacks app list and start playing this spectacular game.

In case you have any issues in following above procedure, drop your comments below!

I hope that you enjoyed this great guide to download Temple Run 2 for PC or Computer.

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