Download Flappy Bird for PC (Windows 7/8/XP)

Here is the guide to download Flappy Bird on PC.

Smartphone games are becoming more and more popular, actually more than what we might have seen on our computers. The main reason behind such a huge success is us, who stick to our phones for hours.

Well, if that is the case with you, then here is another viral game that you will stick around. Flappy Bird is a simplest form of endless runner game, quite cranky too as it will be reminding you of those old times 8-bit games.

The game is very addictive and interesting things is that, you can have Flappy Bird for PC too. It was originally developed to be used on iOS, latterly developed for some other mobile platforms such as Android and Windows Phones.

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About Flappy Bird – The Features

Flappy bird is simple yet addictive game available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones too. It is a simple game, which features a bird as a runner, and yeah, this runner cannot be changed and there are no powerups or coins that are commonly seen in the games of such kind.

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The main objective in the game is to make as farthest run as possible. On the basis of this distance awards will be given, which are however not worth a penny.

The feature of this game is its stupidly low graphics, which looks quite good though and also the game physics. Graphics resembles more of what you might have seen in Mario 8-bit game.

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Your bird has to pass through those narrow opening which are between the two pipes mounted opposite to each other. There is only one control in the game that you will have to make, which is to make the bird fly.

This is done by just tapping the screen, the more you tap and more your bird will fly up. At times, this controlling becomes too difficult. Here is what amazing things about the game physics you will notice.

How to Get Flappy Bird for PC?

Flappy bird is a game for mobile platforms such as Android, Windows Phones and iOS. It has not been officially developed to be played on desktops or laptops powered by Windows or any other such operating system.

Still it can be played on PC using an unofficial way. This method includes use of some emulator applications for either of the supports mobile platforms.

flappy bird for pc

For Windows Phones and iOS there aren’t any such effective emulators available. For android there are many such emulator application available in the market, some of such applications include Andy, Bluestacks and Youwave.

Of all these Android emulator, Bluestacks is the most recommended application of all. To use it to get Flappy bird for PC you will need to follow the instructions as below:

  1. Download and install Bluestacks on your system running Windows OS.
  2. Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Flappy bird’.
  3. Download and install Flappy bird on PC using the link found above.
  4. You have now successfully installed Flappy bird on PC.

After you have successfully installed Flappy bird on your PC, open it using the Bluestacks app list. You will require a working internet connection to be able to download the game online.

However, you can also use backup APK file of the game to get Flappy bird for PC. To use this file, open it using Bluestacks apk file handler.

Everything done, start banging your keys to keep your bird flying!

I hope that you enjoyed this guide to download Flappy Bird for PC.

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