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Cut the Rope for PC Download on Windows Computer is available here. Read the post to get more details about this.

Are you are a puzzle game freak? If yes, here is what you might have missed. Cut the Rope is a puzzle game known for its spectacular physics. It has various levels that might take you out, as the game is very interesting to play.

It was initially released for iOS, although it now available to be played on Android too. It became too popular within a quick span of time after being launched on Google Play Store and remained on the top of the charts in the play store for several weeks.

The main reason behind such a huge success was its graphics and a fresh new concept with which the game was made.

cut the rope

Cut the rope is a puzzle game that will land you to an unknown world of monsters, as per the game plot. As soon as you open the game you will be left behind the game plot which is quite simple, rather there isn’t a plot. Although the game is really interesting.

The main character of the game is a Monster liked creature named, ‘Om Nom’. You are required to feed this creature. However, this is not the only case, as when you move to some upper levels, you will know what the game is all about.

cut the rope download

The main objective in the game is to collect stars along with feeding this little creature ‘Om Nom’. This sounds quite easy, right!

Wrong, here is the twist!

In order to feed, you will need to cut the ropes on which a candy is hanging. This requires a logical understanding of the game physics which you might be adhering after some times. The coins collected will resemble the grade with which the level is completed, though it is not of must use.

cut the rope download for pc

The coins are collected using the same candy which you are required to feed. You simply need to cut the rope in such a way, so as to make the candy drop to the Om Nom making its way through the star.

This might sound simple, but as the game approaches higher levels, it becomes too difficult to achieve both the objective simultaneously. Moreover, in the later stages, you might see more than one creature with lots of added elements in the game.

How to Get Cut The rope for PC?

Cut the rope is a mobile platform game and it is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phones too. It not officially available for Windows or any other such operating systems. However, if you wish to get Cut the Rope for PC for playing it on big screen, here is how you can do it.

We can make use of an emulator application for playing Cut the rope on PC. The emulator can be an android emulator, for a windows phone or for an iOS emulator.

Emulators for windows phones and iOS are not available. Although, there are some emulators available for Android such as Andy and Bluestacks. Here we will be using Bluestacks.

How to Install Cut the rope on PC?

Cut the Rope can be installed using Bluestacks in the following steps:

cut the rope instolled for pc

  • Download and install Bluestacks, it is available as a freeware and can be downloaded from here!
  • Open Bluestacks and search for ‘Cut the rope’ using Market App in Bluestacks.
  • Download and install Cut the rope on your PC using the link found above.
  • Open the installed game using Bluestacks.

This was all that you were required to download Cut the Rope for PC.

So, start enjoying this spectacular game on your PC!

I think that you really enjoyed this article and if you faced any kind of issue or problem while downloading Cut The Rope for PC then please let me know about it.

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