Bluestacks for PC Download on Windows Computer

If you want to download Bluestacks for PC on Windows Computer then please follow this guide.

Needless to say that Android apps are becoming more and more popular when compared to different mobile OS. People are now moving on to use various Android apps and games on their PC’s. Yeah, you heard it right!

Due to many barriers and some other reasons, many of us wants to use Android apps or Android games on our PC. Some of such apps include WhatsApp, Line, Angry Birds and so on.

Well, you can also do the same. For this, some sort of applications can be deployed to use, to be specific, Android Emulators, and one such Android emulator is BlueStacks. You can download BlueStacks for PC freely as it is available as a freeware. Although there are several other similar android emulators, but they aren’t free or lags in the functions and features.


Interface and Controls

BlueStacks is a simple to use Android emulator that contains some extensive features. It is freely available to download and gets installed in few minutes.

The application will automatically set the environment variables and other system integration. However, there are certain packages that you might need to install including Java Runtime Environment, Android Runtime Environment and some others too.

The interface is quite different and will be a complete surprise, particularly if you’re expecting an Android like GUI. The top sliding notifications menu is hidden on the main screen where you can see that the running apps.

The buttons are provided on the screen for back key, home key and for menu key. Settings do have a dedicated key, which is quite figurative by its button. Settings include accounts and sync, uninstaller, etc.


Performance, Tweaks and Key Features

Bluestacks runs without any lags, unlike your phone, which might experience lags some times. The basic difference between the two is that you cannot root OS installed on Bluestacks as it is already rooted.

Also, the application will automatically detect the processor of your PC, and you can check this using some specific applications. This further gives an implication of your CPU being directly responsible for how so ever the Bluestacks responds.

It will completely depend on your computer’s configuration. Talking about tweaks, you cannot apply any as you might be doing with your android device. Although you may use some sort of disk cleaners and RAM boosters to keep clean your device cache.

How to Use BlueStacks?

Using this Android emulator is very simple. Main screen consist of four tabs of which you will be landed to the app list by default. Here you can find all the inbuilt apps which come loaded in the Bluestacks. If you wish to add a new app then you can download the apps from either popular apps section or app search.

Popular apps section contains the list of the entire most downloaded app whereas you can make a search for a specific app in the app search tab.

When downloading for the first time, you will be prompted to add a Google account to your dashboard, which cannot be skipped. Also, for using more such app markets, you will need to sign to their respective accounts. This is required once; next searches will be carried seamlessly without any interruption.


One effective feature in the same field is that the app uses all the market apps to index the application.

There are two market available by default viz 1Mobile Market and Amazon App Store. You can also install Google Play Store, of which the process will be same as that required for installing other apps and games.

I hope you enjoyed this guide to download Bluestacks on PC.

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